Publications from the project

On this page we will share details of publications from the Living with Personal Data project

Academic publications

Watson, A., Lupton, D. and Michael, M. (2021) The COVID digital home assemblage: transforming the home into a work space during the crisis. Convergence, online first.

Watson, A., Lupton, D. and Michael, M. (2021) Enacting intimacy and sociality at a distance in the COVID-19 crisis: the sociomaterialities of home-based communication technologiesMedia International Australia, 178(1), 136-150.

Lupton, D. and Watson, A. (2020) Towards more-than-human digital data studies: developing research-creation methods. Qualitative Research, online first.

Other publications

Algorithmic Micropolitics zine – a collaborative zine made at a workshop run by the Vitalities Lab. Available for download here.

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